Worst habits of every zodiac sign

Bold, daring, and brash, the fire signs certainly know how to keep things spicy, but they also have a tendency of burning too brightly, not to mention their hot tempers. 

Swearing is a problem for Aries because they want to communicate with emphasis. They want their point to get across so badly that they’ll also sometimes act without thinking it through. 

Leos tend to fear change, which means they make a bad habit out of sticking with jobs or relationships that no longer serve them. 

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Sagittarius can have a habit of saying what they don’t mean, which can lead to broken promises. 

Geminis have the curse of feeling scattered and being distracted, so they’re often late or zoning out of conversations, and they tend to also get bored quite easily 

Their minds are always whirring with information, meaning they tend to stay up too late, forget to eat proper meals, and space out while people are talking.  

Scorpios are known to be the most obsessive of the signs, which can look like a tendency to be too controlling.  

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