Typical Signs of Distress in the Zodiac 

Space nomads, I greet you! Can you explain to me why some people always appear to be in the middle of trouble? 

The flamboyant lions, known as leos, seek out and enjoy being the center of attention.  

Their self-assurance is commendable, but it can cross the line into hubris every now and then.  

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Intense and passionate, Scorpios might verge on obsession at times with their resolve.  

Because they need attention, Leos could take unnecessary risks and wind themselves in more trouble than they anticipated. 

Their air of mystique could cause them to stumble upon hidden truths or put themselves in dangers that others would do well to stay away from.  

Unexpectedly, they may find themselves entangled in problematic situations as they relentlessly seek the truth. 

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