Making Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls Moist Like Cinnabons 

Unfortunately, not everyone lives near a Cinnabon, and creating cinnamon buns from home isn't always possible due to time or skill.  

You only need a pan, an oven, and patience to let them cool for a few minutes before icing.  

Even expert food critics can see that Pillsbury's renowned breakfast sweets lack moisture compared to freshly baked Cinnabons. 

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Patty Catalano of Kitchn tested a TikTok hack to fix the issue.  

This involves placing all five Pillsbury Grands! Cook cinnamon rolls as usual.  

But before baking, you pour half a cup of heavy cream over them. Normal baking, icing after cooling, and enjoying.  

If the tops are golden-brown before they're done, cover the pan with foil and bake longer to soak up the cream.  

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