List of the Deadliest Dog Varieties 

People should not make snap judgments about dogs based on their breed, but they should know what to expect before bringing one into their homes. 

Because of their size, power, and reputation as vicious canines, American Pit Bull Terriers have a bad reputation for being hazardous. 

The initial purpose of the American Pit Bull Terrier's breeding program was to produce dogs suitable for the blood sport of bull-baiting.  

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Although it was criminalized in England in 1835, this practice persisted for a number of additional decades in the US.  

This contributed to the American Pit Bull Terrier's image as a vicious and potentially harmful dog breed. 

They pose a danger to humans and other animals due to their size and strength.  

You must handle them with extreme caution since its bite is so strong that it can inflict severe harm or even death. 

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