How to Understand the Intelligent and Loyal Belgian Tervuren 

Resplendent in look, intellect, and adaptability, the Belgian Tervuren stands out among the remarkable Belgian Shepherd Dogs.  

This athletic medium-to large-sized breed has its roots in Belgium and is easily recognizable by its huge, pointed ears and proportionate body.  

Herding, agility trials, and search and rescue are just a few of the many jobs 

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that this breed excels at thanks to its high IQ, quick reflexes, and trainability.  

In addition to its remarkable work skills, the Belgian Tervuren is a loving and devoted household pet. 

A Tervuren's alert nature and innate protective instincts make it a great guard dog.  

This breed also does well in homes where there is enough of mental and physical activity for the dog to enjoy. 

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