Frankipane Should Be in Your Desserts 

I was in culinary school when I prepared frangipane for the first time, and I thought, "Oh, this should go in everything." 

I could feel the magic in the air as I tasted and felt its texture, but voicing my 

admiration was like a high school student stating, "You know, this Céline Dion lady is really talented." 

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Frangipane is a versatile fruit that will soon become second nature once you learn how to use it. 

Frangipane is a delicious, fragrant, and subtly sweet almond flour, butter, sugar, and egg mixture.  

Extracts, salt, additional flavors, and baking powder can be added to this foundation mixture to make it lighter in crumb. 

The name "almond cream" is frequently used interchangeably. The batter for frangipane must be baked until it is thick but not dense. 

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